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Many buildings have, and continue to experience water intrusion failures over  the last few  years.  Building Inspectors globally have launched major multi-discipline task groups to  determine the causes  for some of  the major  failures of exterior  insulated cladding panels.  As a  result of  national input  from building  envelope experts, much  critical comment  from cities and towns, and  scrutiny from the public during  the recent NBC code revision process,  Raven metal Products (Victoria) have put  together more effective solutions for architects, designers, builders and building officials,

To  help prevent water intrusion and the inherent damage caused Raven have put together partnerships  with  the  Architectural  Institute  and  the construction  industry to provide  easy to install solutions to the water intrusion problems discovered in "rain-forest" type environments such as the west coast of Canada, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand and parts of England. Discussions  with  the  construction  industry  has  enabled   us  to provide  an acceptable proven comprehensive and cost effective solution.


Our solution ensures far fewer building envelopes fail prematurely. We are providing a custom in house designed product called
J-Perf that is resolving design issues for weather and durability in the most challenging areas of the world. This product is now being made available into the UK and New Zealand markets. If you would like more information on solutions for weather related building enclosure failures, or wish to find out more about becoming a key dealer; please contact Martin Young to receive more information on how we can provide this low cost solution into your market.


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