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Plastic Vents VS Metal Vents

April 2008
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Custom Copper Vents 25 year limited warranty 30 gauge steel

At Raven Metal Products we take pride in producing top quality products designed to last a lifetime. All Raven Metal vents are custom  made at our island manufacturing plant. 
Raven Metal products line of premium roof and wall vents comes with a limited 25 year warranty. Each vent is meticulously hand crafted by our team of metal artisans. If that's not enough to convince you of their quality then read on.
Our vents are available in a variety of materials including galvanized, white / brown / black / grey 30 gauge steel or custom made in copper. These long-lasting, rugged vents are both durable and attractive and can be ordered with damper only, screen only or with damper and screen.  Metal vents will outlast plastic vents by more than 5 times (plastic vents last 3 - 4 years). You can find our line of metal vents at RONA retail outlets, SLEGG LUMBER locations and other fine retailers across Vancouver Island.

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